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Engagement Proposal

The moment of the engagement proposal is one of the most unforgettable and moving moments in a love affair. It will be remembered forever and if you want to make it even more special in Venice or in Veneto region,  I can help you 🙂

If you have decided to surprise your partner with an epic and  amazing marriage proposal, this is what I can do for you:

  • we will decide together the moment and the location of your proposal : during a romantic dinner or a Gondola ride in Venice, while the sun is going down in one of our beautiful beaches, in a charming and romantic mansion in the Veneto hills surrounded by vineyards, like Romeo and Juliet in Verona, at high altitude in the Dolomiti mountains or … wherever you desire…!! 🙂
  • if you are looking for special settings I will project the most exciting and unforgettable scenery that this moment deserves
  • i will organize a secret shooting : a discreet photographer will capture all your emotions, happy tears and kisses in order to fix this special moment for the rest of your lives
  • of course I will be always behind the scenes checking that all the agreements you have taken will be fully respected and facing unexpected events with prompt and effective solutions.
  • remember that I’m also at your complete disposal if you need a help in choosing the ring. I know that this is often a  difficult choice. Just talk me about your partner, her personality and tastes: we will find together the perfect ring 🙂


from € 600,00 taxes included

Payment can be split in two instalments :

  • a first  30% deposit upon signing the contract
  • balance within one month from the proposal date

Costs do not include

extra movements over 50KM from Venice
charges for other suppliers
setting up, equipment, outfitting, costs for rental

I’m a wedding planner by vocation. My source of inspiration is to believe that my work can become a story to love, to live, to tell and to last in times.

Photo : Daniela Katia Lefosse
Photo : Daniela Katia Lefosse
Photo : Daniela Katia Lefosse
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